Site Services and Capabilities


  • Inpatient and outpatient facilities
  • Large database of 10,000+ patients
  • Established network of colleagues​​


Highly trained PI, Sub-I, and staff to implement strategies to prevent Placebo Response

Extensive local IRB approved pre-screening procedure (not study specific) to maintain low screen fail rate 

(highly rated by numerous CROs and Sponsors)​

High retention and rollover rate for extension studies 

(highly rated by numerous CROs and Sponsors)

​Serial PK capabilities

Phase I-IV experience

On-site ECG reading and evaluation by internist for patient safety and inclusion/exclusion criteria

EEG capabilities

Timely Data Entry and Response 

(highly rated by numerous CROs and Sponsors)

​Child and Adolescent research experience

Internist/Cardiologist, Ophthalmologist, Pharmacologist, and RNs

Accredited lab with -70○C and -20○C freezer, refrigerated centrifuge,

Experienced PI and Sub-I’s

Quality assurance

Experienced behavioral and cognitive raters 

(highly appraised by numerous rating companies)

Crash cart on site