What To Expect


There are several steps involved in participating in a clinical study.  If you have any questions about the following steps please call us at 424-227-8127.

Step 1: Phone Screen

The first step to participating in a clinical trial is to contact our office at 424-227-8127.  Our office is open Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Our staff will ask you questions about your medical history including any medications you are taking to determine if you are eligible for a study. Once it is determined that you may qualify for a study you will be scheduled for an appointment at our clinic.

Step 2: Scheduled Appointment

For your first appointment please bring a picture ID, and a list of current medications. Prior to any procedures being done, you will be given some Intake documents to read and sign. After signing these Intake forms you may be asked for the following:  a urine sample to test for drugs and/or pregnancy, height, weight, vital signs, small blood sample (finger prick), and/or ECG.  You will meet with the doctor and/or staff to discuss medical and psychiatric history.  

Step 3:  Study-Specific Informed Consent

This detailed document will explain the study drug being tested, including any known side effects seen with this drug so far, all the procedures that will be done throughout the study, how much you will be paid at each study visit, and much more. The doctor will go over the study information with you and answer any questions you may have. You will be asked to sign this document to signify that you have read and understood it. You can withdraw your consent to participate in the study at any time.

Step 4: Study Visits

Please understand the first visit is typically the longest as it is usually the visit where the most procedures are done.  As soon as we get all of your test results back a staff member will be in contact with you to discuss these results and your eligibility in moving forward in the study.  If eligible, you will be contacted to set up your next study visit where you may begin taking the study medication.  The length of your study visits are dependent on the procedures that need to be done and are determined by the study you are in.  Please ask staff if you have any questions about duration of study visits or procedures that will need to be done. 3–5 hours for this appointment.